The following topics are available for presentation and may be tailored to meet your needs:

  • How to participate effectively in mediation
  • Negotiation strategies in the mediation process
  • Innovative uses of mediation (expediting business deals, contract negotiations, project development, etc.)
  • How to select the best mediator for your needs
  • Mediation as a vehicle to improve company morale and relations
  • How to implement an in house ADR program
  • Using mediation to settle cases in a particular area (i.e., employment, medical, construction, intellectual property, personal injury, maritime, etc.)
  • Strategies to using mediation before litigation
  • Mediation as a vehicle to improve relations with outside counsel
  • Ethics and the mediation process
  • What's new in the field of ADR?
  • Management strategies for dispute resolution: when to implement mediation, using mock mediations to prepare for large cases, etc.
  • Use of experts and consultants in the mediation process
  • Building an effective ADR partnership with outside counsel
  • Confidentiality in the mediation process
  • Effective use of private caucusing (or caucusing vs. non caucusing)
  • Comparison of mediation models
  • Effective marketing of mediation services

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